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Environment  Activities

ISO14001 Environmental Policy

The basic ideas

To provide quality product and care through "Our ethics" to create small artractive products,IRIS Co.,Ltd. consider it an important mission to work closer with our surroundings-both the environment and the community-to carry out environmental preservation activities.

Activity policies

  1. We recognoze and understand that some of our products and services through our manufacture and sales activity have an effect on the environment.We are aware of this and take actions for environmental preservation whenever we can.
  2. To prevent environmental pollution,we put special importance on the following environmental activities.
    (1)Reducing energy for less generation of CO2(carbon dioxide)
    (2) Practical use of resources by recycling and reduction
    (3) Purchase of environmentally friendly products
    (4)Continuos development,presentation and promotion of environmentally friendly products.
  3. We abide by the environmental laws,regulations and artickles,which we are in agreement with,and observe them.
  4. We improve our environmental management system in order to make continuous progress in environmental activities.
  5. With our environmental policy,we set environmentally conscious objectives,and review them regularly.
  6. Our environmental policy should be made known to all staff working at IRIS Co.,Ltd. and we keep up our morals for environmental presevation.Moreover,we must take inspired actions to our associated companies and suppliers for their comprehension and cooperation on our environmental activities.
  7. We make our environmental policy open to the public.

  • Hong Kong IRIS renews its GRS certificate


    Hong Kong IRIS Co. Ltd, an overseas group company of IRIS Co. Ltd., has successfully renewed its Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certificate under the assessment of Intertek Certification Tokyo. Hong Kong IRIS originally acquired its GRS certificate in March 2022.

    IRIS group emphasizes continuous improvement of our quality and environmental management activities as a part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) scheme. Our global expansion activities are based on our best attempts to improve our governance. In addition, we actively engage with product and technology development using both Japanese and overseas recycled materials or other sustainable material innovations. Our aim is to promote the active implementation of more sustainable products and, through these activities, to contribute to the good of society.
    • GRS・RCS認証

      GRS認証の表紙 RCS認証の表紙

      Recently, Iris Co., Ltd.'s overseas subsidiary "Shanghai Iris Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Erbin Clothing Materials Co., Ltd.)" has been certified as a company with established traceability (tracking management) in consideration of society and the environment. In December, we acquired the international environmental certification programs GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and RCS (Recycled Claim Standard). Based on the philosophy of SDGs, the Iris Group will continue to actively promote product and technology development that utilizes environmentally friendly raw materials, including recycled materials from Japan and overseas, leading to the popularization and establishment of sustainable products and promoting the widespread use of sustainable products. We will continue to contribute to society.
      • Philippine IRIS completed Higg Index evaluation

        Higg Indexの表紙

        Philippine IRIS Co., Inc., an overseas group company of IRIS Co. Ltd., completed the self-assessment of their factory’s environmental impact and working conditions according to Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM), an assessment tool developed by Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

        Higg FEM is used to evaluate the environmental impact of product manufacturing at facilities, assessing for example the following points:

        ・Energy use and effectivity at factories,
        ・Greenhouse gas emissions
        ・Water use at factories, wastewater management and evaluation of effect of water quality
        ・Waste sorting, recycling, disposal methods and overall amount of waste
        ・Chemicals management: use, storage, disposal and worker education
        ・Air and noise emissions from the factory
        • IRIS Co., Ltd. have taken a part of "Ecolog recycling network"since 1994.

          The "ECOLOG" items are only made of 100% polyester materials that are superior in waterproofing,ventilation,moisture retaining & high resistance. "Ecolog" clothes only use outer-fabrics,linings,interlinings,buttons,zippers and pads,which are made of 100% polyester materials.After using "Ecolog"products long time,they are collected and recycled to become materials for buttons,zippers,pads & interlining,etc.again. "Ecolog recycling network" is the best circular system to recycle used clothes.

          Here is the website of Ecolog recycling Japan Co.,Ltd.
        • Buttons become abrasives.

          When producing buttons,wasted parts of materials are left and they can not be used for button production. IRIS regard the left-oveer materials as precious resources. The main materials are unsaturated polyester of thermosetting resin and urea among a various materials for button production,and their ratio of leftover material is very low.
          Grinding the leftover materials,they become a powder form of abrasive,which works well to remove paintings off airplanes and to deburr through semi-conductor production.IRIS have operated abrasive production since 1898.
          Here is the website of US Technology Far East Company.
        • IRIS Co., Ltd.  work to acquire Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification.


          The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (STANDARD100 by OEKO-TEX®) Class I, is proof of a product that has been confirmed to have the world’s highest level of safety.

          OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (STANDARD100 by OEKO-TEX®) is the world’s highest safety level, covering more than 350 types of hazardous substances, and is certified by 18 certification bodies mainly in Europe. This certifies that textile-related materials and products do not contain harmful chemicals.

          Regulatory value standards vary depending on the safety level, and this time we have obtained the strictest standard value, Class I (products that come into contact with infants and toddlers).

          75% of the materials handled by the all IRIS Group, both domestic and overseas, are OEKO-TEX® certified.

          We strive to maintain and improve trust through product safety certifications so that our products can be used safely and securely.

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