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Labour and human rights

Labour and human rights

Iris Co., Ltd. makes a serious commitment to the following articles in all countries and areas of our business conduct.

(1)Prohibition of harassment and discrimination
We respect the human rights, characteristic and personality of our stakeholders and we refuse any acts that harm or violate human rights and strictly prohibit any discrimination and harassment. We also support the principles of human rights and in case of the violation, we take appropriate measures to conduct business activities in a fair manner.

(2)Prohibition of forced labor
We refuses to employ people under forced labour and prohibit human trafficking.

(3)Prohibition of child labor
It is prohibited to hire children and persons under the lawful working age in our business conduct.

(4)Respect for workers’ rights
We guarantee freedom of association with trade unions and negotiation of collective bargaining. We comply with applicable local labour laws.

(5)Responsibility for the safe, hygienic and healthy working environment
In compliance of applicable environmental laws and requlations, we ensure safe, hygienic and healthy working conditions for all workers.

(6)Management of working hours and wages
We manage worker’s working hours,holidays and annual leaves. We ensure that works receive a minimum wage in line with legal requirements to meet worker’s basic needs. Any deductions from the salary is prohibited without the written consent of the employee.

*If any of our offices have obtained GRS certificate and GRS requiments are more restrictive than local laws or requlations, it is required to apply the GRS requirements.

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