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Quality improvement

The purpose of IRIS Co., Ltd. management is "the existence and development". Providing products and services satisfactory to our customers,we contribute to the society,which makes the abilities and charactors of all related people upgrade and makes the quality of our lives better..
To accomplish this purpose,we comply with the laws and regulations, and fully understand requirements from our customers. We recognize that it is vital to fulfill these tasks. We establish a management system corresponding to JIS Q 9001 to ensure the quality assurance system.

Quality policy

Based on "Customers-conscious"policy,we serve our customers with credibility and satisfactory.

  • Adopting changes,we present new items and technology to the world.
  • With safe and efficient production systems,we supply our products to the markets quickly.
  • We completely observe laws and regulations,which are all concerned.
  • Making quality level clear,we maintain high quality with "PDCA" operations.
  • We take improvement into account and work with continuous efforts for better services.
  • We always upgrade efficiency of quality management and maintain its system.
  • All employees fully understand this policy,and we think and act from a customers' point of view.

IRIS Co., Ltd. President Yo Osumi

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