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Action plans for supporting next generations

Action plans for supporting next generations

To fully utilize all of employee's skills by striking a good balance between work and parenting,and creating an employee-friendly environment,we establish the following action plans.

Effective period

3 years from 1st.February 2020 to 31st.January 2023


    Objective1  We make efforts to keep all employees informed of this company policy by
           notifying everyone of "Policy related to maternity/paternuty leave",which
           partially revised on 1st.Oct.2017,and by plainly explaining policies of
           "Maternity/paternity leave","Short working hour for parenting","Exemption
           of extra work" and "Restrictions of overtime work",etc.
    Action    In-house notification of company policy.
           Indivisual advice to employees applying maternity/paternity leave as
           wellwas as their workplace.
           Making good use of intranet and in-house notice board.

    Objective2  In order to minimize the burden on other employees caused by leave
           without any inconveniences and we review its business operations and
           management accordingly.
    Action    Upgrading multifuctional operations.

    Objective3  The workers and the management cooperate on the plans to get annual
           paid leaves more.
    Action    The company provide all employees at least 5 days of annual paid leave.

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