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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Handling of personal information

IRIS Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "we") recognizes it as an important responsibility as a business operator handling personal information to appropriately protect all the personal information that is offered to us by every customer,supplier and everyone who provides us with his or her informaton(hereinafter referred to as "Our partners"). We, therefore, have established its handling policy as follows and shall endeavor to protect all the personal information.

1.Collection of personal information

When we ask our partoners to provide personal information to us,we clearly specify beforehand the purpose of collecting personal information (hereinafter referred to as "Purpose"). In the following cases,there are possibilities that we will not mention the purposes..   
  • When having a business meeting or interview with our sales representatives,and exchanging a business card.
  • When receiving a business card at some events,fares and seminars.
In these cases,we use personal information in order to introduce our products,services and provide various information by e-mail as well as for marketing activities including face-to-face business operations,unless our partners refuse it.

2.Management of personal information

We strictly manage personal information with the appropriate security system in accordance with laws,regulations and our company rules to prevent leak, manipulation, loss and not-intended use.In addition, we conduct appropriate trainings for our employees to ensure the the proper handling of personal information.

3.Use of personal information

We do not disclose personal information to third perties except cases as specified below.
  1. When our partners permit..
  2. When disclosing under the conditions that our partners are not identified(anonymous in statistics or data,etc.)
  3. When needed to disclose personal information to financial institutions to settle the payment for a purchase of our products by a credit card.
  4. When permitted to disclose personal information to third parties to satisfy any law or regulation.
  5. When ordered to disclose or to present personal information by legal administrations or judiciaries in accordance with laws.

4.Enquiry about personal information

When our partoners request to revise their personal information,we response to it following our company regulation after our partners contacts the division or sales representatives in charge(Please contact enquiry site on our website if the personal information was provided through website). To do this,we may ask our partners to identify themselves to protect personal information from ilegal collection or manipulation by the third person.

5.Handling of opinions and enquiries.

IRIS reserves the right to use any opinions,enquiries or requests received from our patners unless there are any restrictions for its use.We ask our partners' agreement to disclose their opinions,etc.to the third paties or to make them public when our patners are identifird.

6.Handling of personal information on the Web site

6-1 6-1 Use of Cookie * note 2, Web beacon * note 3 and IP address * note 4
We use Cookie, Web beacon and IP address on the Web site,which we operate,for the following purposes.
  1. To find the causes of failures or problems occurred on our server and to settle them.
  2. To improve the contents of Web sites and e-mails.
  3. To customize the contents of Web sites or e-mails, etc for each individual user.
  4. On membership service system which requires to register personal information beforehand,to make use of our partner's browsing tracks or questionnaire results for marketing activities.
  5. To use it as statistics information under the cercumstances that an individual person is unable to be identified
You can set your web-browsing softwear (hereinafter referred to as "browser") to reject the receipt of Cookie and you can refuse the use of our Cookies and Web beacon. In such cases,however,your use of some of our serices,such as customizing service,may be limited.

6-2 Rules of our websitr use
In our rules on the use of our website,if some rules state different conditions from official privacy regulations,we give priority to our rules.

6-3 The linked sites from our Web site
In our website,there amy be some websites linked to others. We pay enough attentions to chose other's websites. However,we can not guarantee and take responsibility for the protection of personal information in the linked sites and its contents of the linked sites..

7.Compliances with related laws,etc.

We comply with laws and our company rules,which apply for personal information.

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