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    2012S/S CAREER CLASS catalogue was released. Our products are introduced along with the four themes consisting of expecting trends.

    【Neo Preppie】
    Tradition and Marine are arranged freely. The theme is the Preppy developed into a new expression. A sense of fun is put in the trends of new tradition, school and sports with influence of tennis and sailing.
    【Happy Garden】
    The theme is “Gorgeous and Feminine” like a flower garden full of colorful blooms, yet having the slightly nostalgic and sweet atmosphere with a rustic gardening feeling.
    【Airy Modern】
    Featuring “Transparent and Light”images,the urban senses of full freedom is the theme.
    The keywords are sensitivity,sporty feeling and clean air admiring blue sky and white clouds.
    【Rustic Elegance】
    The combination of Elegance and Untouched Wildness. It has a new type of luxurious theme. It creates the exotic mood full of precious and comfortable relaxation incorporating the feeling of safari and the tribal.

    Please refer to the website catalogue for more details about other buttons.

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