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    Jacket&Suit Vol.2

    The second edition of Jacket & Suit, released with the volume incleased

    【New effect of mock shell buttons】
    GT87 and GT88 are mock shell buttons with appearance of new effect. Deep sense of vintage look and colour accent on the rim create new and fresh design.

    【Warm sense of mock buffalo horn buttoms】
    Sticking to warm and soft appearance of buttons,VT125 was crteated by developing material.It features a sense of soft pattern.

    【Made-to-order buttons】
    Both page 9 and page 10 are arranged to make original design of natural buffalo horn,natural nut,mock buffalo horn and mock nut buttons.Please select the shape,shank style,material,colour,size and finish from the sample.

    Please refer to the website catalogue for more details about other buttons.

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