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    SPRING&SUMMER Men’s Button Collection 2

    The second edition of men’s version catalogue for season trends.
    2012 Spring/Summer Men’s new items are introduced.

    【Shioll series, the articles highly recommended for this season.】
    “Shioll”, high grade of polyester buttons made to look like real shells very closely. The greatest feature is that it reduces week points of shell buttons,such as breaks and cracks.

    【”Weight Less” series are totally specialized in lightness.】
    They have sharp silhouettes and lighter than ordinary articles by 50%. Recommended for the light and thin clothes in trend.

    【Antique metal buttons】
    A variety of new types of antique metal buttons are ready since matt finish effect is highly expexted for spring/summer in 2013.

    Please refer to the website catalogue for more details about other buttons.

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