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FIDLOCK selection  FIDLOCK selection Please refer to our website catalogue for more details

This catalogue consists by function parts of FIDLOCK. The feature of this product is the intuitive one-hand operation, they are used on top-quality pieces of furniture, bags rucksacks, helmets,or other sport and lifestyle brand items :our fasteners stand for the greatest ease of use,security, fun and function.

  • MINI TURN thread
    the MINI TURN fasteners presents the automatic closing and can be opened in no time all with one hand and a simple half turn of the handles. it comes safety operation and convenience.
  • SNAP
    SNAP fasteners are not only the most compact, but also the most versatile fasteners.
  • SNAP push
    the snap push provides an easy -to-use,snap-fastener which can be opened comfortably yet securely with a finger tip.      

  • 型番: IF-2040

    size: 50/40
    color: NS
    material: AL/PA/RB

    *The parts can be used for all item(40mm,50mm) except for a surface handle.
    *Each part is separate delivery of goods.

  • 型番: IF-5010M

    size: 19
    color: 09
    material: PA
  • 型番: IF-5100F

    size: 33
    color: 09
    material: PA

    *Please use by set IF-5100 F-5200F to IF-5010 M-5020 M-5061M.

  • 型番: IF-6040F

    size: 20
    color: 09
    material: PA
  • 型番: IF-4100

    size: 40
    color: 09
    material: PA
  • 型番: IF-7020

    size: 15
    color: 09
    material: PA 70% , Carbon 30%

    *You can make the print logo on the surface.

  • 型番: IF-7204

    size: 25
    color: 09/099
    material: PA/SUS
  • 型番: IF-1310

    size: -
    color: 09
    material: PA

FIDLOCK selection

Please refer to the website catalogue for more details about other parts
Please refer to our website catalogue for more details

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