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2013.11.1 Shanghai INTERTEX exhibition was held.

We exhibited our products in "INTERTEXTILE Shanghai"held from 21nd.Oct.(Mon.) to 24th.Oct.(Thu.).
Like last year we had a lot of fashion-related visitors from all over the world during the event and it was successful.
We deeply appreciate all of them for coming over.

2013.7.3111 snap fasteners are shown

Many snap fasteners are available for various uses
  • Standard snap fasteners ASP-0001         
    Reasonable prices appeal to customers
  • Gentle appearance with wood              
    New product combined with wood             
    Striking wooded texture
  • "Best-seller"snap fastener             
    Standard plastic snap fastener             
    Suitable for light wears

2013.7.31The third edition of men's version catalogue for season trends.

The third edition of men's version catalogue for season trends. "2013 SS Men's Button/Part catalogue"was released.
  • ASP-008:Wooden snap fastener popular in Europ Combination of wood and metal is cool
  • Dressy "Military"series for popular camouflage designs Unique goods showing delicate camouflage pattern It gives some accents to clothings
  • AXP-5731: Sticking to "Light-weght"consciousness than ever 58% lighter than usual buckles It suits well with light fabrics like knitting.

2013.07.16We exhibit our products in Shanghai INTERTEXTILE exhibition.

We exhibit our products in "INTERTEXTILE Shanghai" held from Monday, 21th to Thursday, 24st of October followed by last year. At the exhibition we are planning to introduce a lot of our miscellaneous goods, such as I-CREST collection mainly, fur, silicone articles, casual parts and so on this time.

Session: 9:00?17:00 Monday, 21th ? Thursday, 24st of October, 2011. (until 14:00 on the last day only)
Site: Shanghai New International Expo Centre
Location : E7 (east Building No. 7) D41

2013.06.28This is an additional version featuring new items based on "BYFL&VERGA Vol.12",which was released last year and has been popular.

Just like the name "PLUS"implies, this is an addition catalogue of "BYFL&VERGA Vol.12",which have met market demands well.You can use this catalogue together with "BYFL & VERGA Vol.12.(Released in Feb.2013.)
  • Introduction of various techniques
    Many materials go well with some techniques such as embossed logo,shell-like finish and antique-like finish,etc..
  • BFK-5, buckles with a new shape which consists of straight and curve lines. It is designed to focuse on functions,such as close fit to the body and easy work with the belt-band.
  • VT-130,13, a new model of the popular series "Ardor"
    Being polyester buttons,it feels like a natural material creating the texture of unique warmth.

2013.06.28The 2013SS Men's Button/Part catalogue was released.

The second edition of the men's version catalogue for season trends,"2013 SS Men's Button/Part catalogue"was released in June.2013.
  • "Shioll" series, the articles highly recommended for this season.
    "Shioll", high grade of polyester buttons made to look like real shells very closely. The greatest feature is that it reduces week points of shell buttons,such as breaks and cracks..
  • "Weight Less" series are totally specialized in lightness.
    They have sharp silhouettes and lighter than ordinary articles by 50%. Recommended for the light and thin clothes in trend.
  • Antique metal buttons
    A variety of new types of antique metal buttons are ready since matt finish effect is highly expexted for spring/summer in 2013.

2013.06.28The mount of combination buttons for Lady's was released.

The mount of combination buttons for Lady's was released. It consists of 10 categories by materials and designs. (released in June, 2012 )
  • RVS-6866,a polyester button with a special cut line along the rim,which is designed to combine with a metal ring.
  • KVM-4538,a combination of polyster and ABS parts.
    Polyester part of KVM4538 is reversible. One side comes shell-like finish and another side comes optical white
  • VC9672P,a polyester button designed for eyelet processes.
    There are metal colour range available to chose the right clour.

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