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2014.9.6Winning a "Grand-Prix"award at the 18th"Button Grnd-Prix Japan"

We were awarded the "Grand-Prix"(The prize of Economic and Industry Minister) at the 18th."Button Grand-Prix Japan",which is held by Japan Button Association. This is the 4th award following the winning at the 1st,9th & 11th competition. We won the prize for excellence,incentive award and some others prizes,too.

2014.9.6SIAA certificate for antibacterial nylon accessories

We have obtained the certificate by SIAA(Society of Industrial technology for Antimicrobial Artickles) that some of our nylon products are treated to resist bacteria. This is the first case that nylon accessories are certificated.

2014.7.29We will exhibit at Shanghai Intertextile Exhibition in Oct.2014.

As we did last year,we will exhibit at Shanghai Intertextile Exhibition...With various kinds of our collections,we especially present our own concept of the latest button trends and fancy combination buttons.
Date::From 21st.Oct.(Tue.) to 23rd.Oct.(Thu.) Opening hours: From 9:00 to 17:00(Closed at 14:00 on 23rd.Oct.) Booth no.:E7-D41

2014.7.29We will exhibit at MODAMONT,which is held with PREMIER VISION in Paris.

We will exhibit at MODAMONT in Paris in Sep.2014....With various kinds of our collections,we especially present our own concept of the latest button trends and fancy combination buttons.
Date::From 16th.Sep.(Tue.) to 18th.Sep.(Thu.) Opening hours: From 9:30 to 18:30 Place:Parc D'Expositions Paris-Nord Villepinte Stand no.:MODAMONT/Hall 4 C51-D52

2014.5.30"The most useful school in the world"produced by Nippon Television Network Corporation broadcast our laser process techniques and methods of dyeing buttons.

"The most useful school in the world"on 26th.Apr.2014 broadcast our laser process techniques and methods of dyeing casein buttons.

2014.5.30"Satsuma"buttons,which are displayed at our "Button Museum"was introduced in TV program "Bi No Tsubo"(The Mark of Beauty) broadcast by NHK

NHK TV program"Bi No Tsubo"(The Mark of Beauty) featured "Satsuma Wares" titled "Many beautiful aspects::Satsuma Wares"on 4th.Apr.2014.Satsuma buttons,especially made by "Shiro-Satsuma"method,are highly respected by the worldwide antique button collectors are the most famous Japanese button in the world.Our Satsuma buttons displayed at our Button Museum were introduced in the program.

2014.5.30TV program "Wafu Sohonke"produced by TV Tokyo broadcast our button production techniques.

On 20th.Mar.2014,one of the features of "Wafu Sohonke",titled "Japanese power:Superior machines Part8",introduced our processes of polyester buttons production from making raw material,heat treatment,cutting and polish techniques.

2014.4.10Displaying new products for 2014-15 autumn/winter collections,"i Lady Collection Vol.1"catalogue is designed to women's wears eapecially at department stores and speciality stores.

  • "Noble Quality":6 new buttons giving noble and feminine accent.
  • "Collage Style":14 new buttons,mainly retrospective and classical epoxy buttons
  • "Natural Chic":Conveying masculine image. 3 new buttons reflecting new ideas and techniques as new basic style.

2014.4.8The overall catalogue is ready after two years.

BYFL & VERGA Vol.13 is introduced.
It consists of 25 pages.
With a leather handle,it comes to be handy.    
  • PRV-raqnge buttons present new style of imitation horn buttons Contrast effect by lighter rim give the buttons inconspicuous accent.
  • PRV15 showing various technical processes 80 kinds of different finish-effects,such as burn effects,destressed effect,etc.,are introduced.
  • Based on camouflage design,new type of elaborate military-look buttons Conveying refined camouflage look,this striking buttons accentuate your wears.

2014.4.8This catalogue presented by function parts of FIDLOCK

This catalogue consists by function parts of FIDLOCK. The feature of this product is the intuitive one-hand operation, they are used on top-quality pieces of furniture, bags rucksacks, helmets,or other sport and lifestyle brand items :our fasteners stand for the greatest ease of use,security, fun and function.   
  • ・MINI TURN thread
    the MINI TURN fasteners presents the automatic closing and can be opened in no time all with one hand and a simple half turn of the handles. it comes safety operation and convenience.
  • ・SNAP
    SNAP fasteners are not only the most compact, but also the most versatile fasteners.
  • ・SNAP push
    the snap push provides an easy -to-use,snap-fastener which can be opened comfortably yet securely with a finger tip.

2014.4.8Various fancy buttons and parts,combination buttons,which are big hit now,are shown.

Various fancy buttons and parts,combination buttons,which are big hit now,are shown.(Released in Jan.2014.) 
  • Bijou buttons 10 new buttons
  • Bijou parts 10 new items
    Available in various colours
  • ・Combination buttons ZC2006 & ZC2007 are highly recommended
    All buttons correspond to fancy and price-conscious trends

2014.01.20 Our production systems were introduced by a TV programme "World Business Satellite" broadcasted by TV Tokyo.

In one part of the TV programme,"Waza-Ari ! ? Potential energy of Japan", it broadcasted the operations of polyester-material preparation,cutting processes,two-colour injection methods by the First Production Department and instruments for quality tests.

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